Wales Global  Limited provides the logistics, technical know how and administration for alternative energy and water projects.


Wales Global Limited engages in consultancy with companies, individuals to build new refineries, refurbish old refineries,and  exploring avenues for investment

Wales Global Limited provides a consultancy service for the oil and gas commodities of major contracts via refineries and mandates in the following:

  • D2 (diesel)
  • LNG (Liquedfield Petroleum Gas)
  • JP54 - (jet fuel)
  • D6 (virgin oil)
  • Crude oil - (bonny light crude oil) BLCO

Products from USA, South America, China, Middle East - Gulf, Africa, Russia.


  • Investment and Finance solutions
  • Management
  • Water and Energy​​

Wales Global Business Club

  • Online Networking
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  • Offline Networking
  • Events

wealth management

Swiss Wealth Management for wealthy individuals, families, and institutions to help protect, manage and grow their wealth across generations. Traditional Swiss values of confidentiality, security and quality.

Private and corporate bank accounts available to open in Switzerland which includes the top 25 private and Global banks.

Offshore companies available and Banks accounts In varies locations Globally.

Investment solutions

Wales Global Limited brings a unique vision that will revolutionise the way businesses/companies think their funding & capital development strategies.

Our mission is to bring bespoke solutions to a traditional company/business problems in a new and innovate way.

We offer financial planning, advice, and bespoke solutions whilst we review your financial risks, objectives and level of investment.

Education continuation

  • Specialise in Mature Students
  • Teach online, lower costs,  Fit into your Life Management
  • Post Graduate and PHD Degrees are Bespoke, tailor made for each student/client