The dynamic journey of Wales Global Limited was built upon the founder, Hazel J Hill’s vision to put the country Wales on the map for International business. It is also a platform for the welsh business people to think, not only beyond their borders, but Internationally, with the aim to link Wales Global Limited business partners and contacts across the world, creating exclusive global B2B community that grows with trust, sustainability, trade and business between its members. 

Time is of the essence, but patience is needed. Building this foundation, Wales Global Limited, is not an overnight success, but hours of investing time that is driven by a vision with passion and love.

The company mission has driven us, to move forward in it’s growth. This strength has positioned our company to break into Asia and Africa, and given us to taking advantage of more business opportunities. The opportunities broke us into new grounds which are Oil and Gas, Wealth Management, Investment Solutions with our strategic partners/partnerships.

Wales Global Limited, over the last months, have immensely earn support and partnership with Dayspring Commodities Limited and Greenland Communications and Media ltd here in UK.  This partnership with transparency, honesty and competence has provide a lasting solution to our operational functions in Guinea Conakry, Nigeria and Ghana.